2nd International Covid Summit to be Held in France, Just Prior to the Presidential Election!

While there is talk now that Djokovic will not be allowed to participate at Roland Garros, because of the draconian vaccination passport regulations adopted by the French government, the organizers of the International Covid Summit have decided to hold the second edition of their event … in France!

France’s presidential election is all about vaccination. President Macron has as campaign slogan “All Vaccinated, All Protected” – which is a blatant lie, especially with Omicron and the huge increase in cases of the past 2 months, yet the lie will certainly not be recognized to be a lie, before the presidential election, to be held on April 10 and 24 2022. 

The 2nd International Covid Summit is to be held from March 30 to April 2nd, with 2 days in Marseille and 2 days in Paris, i.e. at the height of the election campaign, just days ahead of the first round of the election.  Currently, President Macron is in the lead in all the polls, with 24.5% of the voting intentions.

The big question is who will be second and face him for the second round. National Front leader Marine Le Pen is 2nd in this poll, with 17% of the voting intentions, but there are 3 other candidates above 10%.

Source: https://www.sudradio.fr/politique/sondage-presidentielle-2022-rolling-ifop-fiducial

If the event is held in part in Marseille, it’s because of the presence there of Professor Didier Raoult, who played a key role in the development of early treatments with hydroxychloroquine at the beginning of the pandemic, and who quickly became an immensely controversial figure, both in France and internationally.  

Professor Raoult, after having supported a vaccines mandates for health care workers, is now very critical of the governmental policies regarding mass vaccination and their associated mandates and passports.

His video of today openly criticizes the cognitive dissonance of which the prime minister and the health minister, who respectively got 2 and 3 shots, appear to suffer, as both ministers continue to claim the injections are effective despite having gotten Covid “in their own flesh” to use the term used by Raoult in his weekly address.

Just days ago, President Macron has taken an extremely negative and controversial stance against non-vaccinated people, similar to the one of Trudeau in Canada.

Civil unrest is on the rise in France. And we are still 3 months away from the presidential election.

And it is likely to further increase in the coming months in France, with Professor Raoult likely to become a central figure in the opposition to President Macron, as it can already be hinted in this video.

 So if you attend the 2nd International Covid Summit, you may need to take a few masks with you. Not surgical masks, or even N95 masks, but masks that will protect you from tear gas!

You can find a few models online. Make sure to get yours before they are running out of them! 🙂