COVID-19 Taking Québec Nursing Homes by Storm, Despite Full Vaccination

The Canadian province of Québec, sometimes yet incorrectly referred to as “La Belle Province” (because what is happening there is truly horrible), has made the headlines in recent days, with new proposals by the prime minister Legault to tax the unvaccinated, and also prevent them from going to most places, including Home Depot.

But all of this may just be a smokescreen. Because despite a comprehensive vaccination campaign in nursing homes, there are now widespread active outbreaks of COVID-19 in nursing homes, both public and private.

Remember, earlier in the pandemic, most deaths from COVID-19 in Québec occurred in nursing homes, where there was no effort made to provide treatment or to hospitalize those who were very sick from COVID-19.

The authorities had pushed their approach to the point of stopping the administration of Vitamin D to those at high risk of COVID-19, despite Vitamin D being known to contribute reducing the severity of COVID-19.

Now, with the new wave that is mostly made of Omicron – which is known to be induce a much milder disease than previous strains, it appears that a new wave of nursing homes deaths is in the making.

Here is a summary table from the latest figures available for both public (CHSLD) and private (RPA) nursing homes. There are already over 150 deaths attributed to COVID.

Here are the links to the two official tables from which the data is derived, for Public and Private nursing homes.

As we have covered previously in this blog, it’s pretty easy to implement prophylaxis and early treatment for COVID-19 in nursing homes. With the mild Omicron, it would be even much easier and it’s hard to even comprehend how anyone would need to die from Omicron, as it’s so easily treatable.

But with the Québec government being in full denial of early treatment and of the ineffectiveness of the injections, of which the numerous outbreaks are a clear proof, attention of the public is being diverted by the politicians to the unvaccinated.

The latest measures adopted by the Québec politicians: to prevent the unvaccinated from going to Home Depot, and to levy a special tax on those who have resisted so far not to take the most deadly shot in medical history.