Djokovidelirum Hits Australia

Today, #Djokovid is trending on Twitter. “You are a clown. An arrogant, irresponsible, ignorant clown. A perfect example of what sportsmanship is not.” states one of those reacting to the exemption received by Novak Djokovic, allowing him to participate in the Australian open, despite not having been given the jab. There are other reactions of that nature. 

It has not been disclosed what was the reason that brought an independent committee to grant the exemption to the world’s #1 tennis player, who seeks to defend his title.

But should all of this be so complicated? Not really. Djokovic already got Covid-19 in 2020. He recovered from the disease, and therefore did build natural immunity.

There is abundant scientific evidence that he is naturally immune to COVID-19, and that he does not pose a threat to anybody. This abundant scientific evidence is denied by Australia and many other countries, for reasons that seem to have nothing to do with science.

Actually, from a health viewpoint, Djokovic, being naturally immune, is a threat to absolutely nobody. And as pointed out by Alexander in his article: 

“We should not force COVID vaccines on anyone when the evidence shows that naturally acquired immunity is equal to or more robust and superior to existing vaccines.”

This means it’s all zero-science, 100% propaganda that is plaguing this participation of Djokovic in the Australian open and his ability to defend his title.

Even the prime minister of Australia weighed in.  Novak Djokovic will be “on the next plane home” if he can’t explain vaccine exemption, warned Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrisson.

At the time of writing this short piece, Djokovic had landed in Australia, but was kept in a small room at the airport, as the visa he had secured was not the right one, which may help getting him “on the next plane home.”

This episode is another revelation of how prominent athletes such as Aaron Rodgers, who also resisted the pressure to take the high risk injection, can be scapegoated by politicians and the part of the population who (still) believes that the injections are protective and safe – two characteristics that we now know for sure are not true.

Australia, which followed very proudly, until recently, a “Zero Covid” policy, has now about 50,000 new cases per day!


Australia has pushed vaccinations as the only solution to Covid, repressing early treatment, preventing doctors using early treatment drugs.

Now, the whole policy is backfiring, as the injections prove not to prevent contagion and infections.

And the authorities are now starting to recognize that the injections are not safe …

It’s in this context that the scapegoating of Novak Djokovic needs to be seen.  

The Australian authorities now resort to populism, belittling of minorities and scapegoating to justify the continuation of their failed policies.