Facebook Takes Down our Group!

Today, Facebook took down the discussion group of COVEXIT, which had nearly 4,000 members. The usual explanation was given – a breach of community standards.

There was no recently flagged posts that triggered the group to be taken down. Four posts have been flagged overall by FB censorship during the life of the group – all of them had been removed, by precaution, long ago.

The most recent post on the group was a link to the website of the French Senate, with the audition of Professor Raoult by the Commission d’enquête – Evaluation politiques publiques face aux pandémies – hardly a content that should have triggered any form of concern.

We were aware Big Brother was watching us. Some may say it was surprising it took so long for the censors to take action.

What to do? We simply suggest you join our plan B group – which is not hosted by Facebook – to pursue the discussion …


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