Negative Vaccine Efficacy is Here!

Earlier this year, during this interview, along with Dr. Peter McCullough, vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche warned us about impending vaccine resistance. He was right. This occurred pretty rapidly and became already clear with the emergence of the Delta.

What was not really clear yet was this could get even worse and move towards towards Negative Vaccine Efficacy.

It’s early to tell for sure, but there are two very recent, independently written reports, one relying on UK data, the other on Danish data, that point to this.

The latest report by Neil Ferguson et al. from Imperial College London indicates a NEGATIVE vaccine effectiveness with Omicron, both for the Astra Zeneca and the Pfizer.

Accordingly, those who are fully injected have a higher chance of infection than those who are not injected! 

The report suggests this can be corrected by a booster, but the booster will only yield about 50% protection, which is certainly not good enough for a vaccine. At least, that’s not what people expect from a truly protective and supposedly life-saving injection.

A consistent, yet more alarming analysis relies on data from Denmark – another highly vaccinated country. The analysis found an astounding minus 154% vaccine efficacy for omicron among the fully vaccinated. This is reduced to minus 26% for those having got a booster shot. 

Yes, according to this analysis, the unvaccinated (0% of vaccine efficacy) fare better than both those fully vaccinated or having received a booster shot. The author suggests that Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) may be at play.

Despite all what you may hear in the media, Omicron may signal a new twist, the beginning of a pandemic of the vaccinated!

Stay tuned. This dangerous nonsense seems to be never ending.

Negative vaccine efficacy is discussed here, in the UK context.