Twitter Frustrations …

Today, I was informed by Twitter that my account had been locked.

I was reacting in the tweet to an interview of Chris Cuomo, where he talks about Tylenol and water to overcome Covid.

I had written back in April 2020 that the former CNN anchor took much more than Tylenol and water to overcome Covid.

So I wrote an appeal, which you can find here:


I hereby appeal to Twitter’s locking of my account.

My position is that my tweet is factual, reports facts, and is not offering a medical recommendation. 

I therefore ask for my Twitter account to be unlocked without me having to remove the post.

Thanks and regards,

Jean-Pierre Kiekens

Here are the key points:

  1. Chris Cuomo followed a “Corona Protocol” that includes quinine when he got COVID: this can be found in his own blog, which is online at: –
  2. Quinine and Hydroxychloroquine are analog (as is Chloroquine): this is well established and explained for example by Ben-Zvi: “Quinine was first recognized as a potent antimalarial agent hundreds of years ago. Since then, the beneficial effects of quinine and its more advanced synthetic forms, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, have been increasingly recognized in a myriad of other diseases in addition to malaria.”
  3. As for the regular communications between Cuomo and Fauci, it’s mentioned in this interview. Chris Cuomo says to Fauci in the interview: “I have spoken to you almost without exception every day.”
  4. The “rich and famous” comment refers to the Corona Protocol creator, Dr. Lancaster, who has clients not only as Chris Cuomo (who is rich and famous) but also such as Robert Redford

I identified the link on the Twitter website to file the appeal:

When attempting to fill out the appeal form, here is what happened:

I can’t lodge the appeal to my account being locked (at least partially).

I wished I could make my case to Twitter so they would inform me what makes my recent tweet so misleading.

Because it’s as factual as it gets …

But it looks like their appeal process makes it impossible to appeal their demand to remove a particular post.

Lots of work for @elonmusk ahead if his acquisition of Twitter goes through!