US Senate Committee Hearing Scheduled about COVID-19 Home Treatment

The concept of outpatient home treatment for COVID-19 is progressing in the US, with a hearing scheduled on Thursday Nov 19 at 10 am.

The hearing the Committee on Home Security & Governmental Affairs, with Senator Ron Johnson (WI) as chair, and Senator Gary Peters (MI) as ranking member.

Members of the committee include famous senators such as Kamala Harris, Mitt Romney and Rand Paul.

This is a full committee hearing, for which the witnesses have not yet been announced.

We will provide details about the hearings, once they become available, and of course report on them afterwards.

We have covered extensively the question of outpatient / home early treatment for COVID-19, including in our two first webinars.

You may also watch our comprehensive interview with Professor Harvey Risch, in which the question of outpatient early treatment is front and central.